Third-Party Research

There is a growing body of research confirming the need for innovation in the venture fund model.

Changes to the Venture Model

The Future of Venture Capital

A research piece from late 2020 on the innovation coming to the venture industry. The report was done by Clayton Christensen’s (the father of the term Disruptive Innovation) consulting firm.

2021 Venture Outlook

Pitchbook’s ‘look back/look forward’ verifying the transformation & innovation coming to the venture model.

Risk Management Best Practices

Proper Diversification

to manage non-systematic (transaction) risk

Staged/Multiple Funding Rounds

to manage systematic (timing/market/thesis) risk

Data-Driven Decision Models

to manage decision process (bias/inconsistency/unscalable) risk

Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman: 4 Keys to Better Decision Making

Hint: algorithms beat human bias, and simple algorithms beat complex ones

Illustrative samples of optimized strategies:

Staged Capital Deployment

while maintaining proper diversification

Better Data more important than Big Data

and experience/skill more important than both

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