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AngelSpan Accelerates Funding

Angelspan enables us to build and maintain trust with key stakeholders and has set us up for successful capital raises. It's been a great (and surreal) experience having investors call us about investing based on our monthly updates versus us cold-calling investors. The Angelspan team has helped me be a better CEO and played an invaluable role in helping Minno succeed and grow.

Our stakeholders are our best supporters because of the impact of Angelspan’s professional, consistent and supportive work with us to ensure transparent communications. We’ve successfully raised a funding round during COVID because our stakeholders are engaged, know what we need and how they can help.

At first, I thought AngelSpan would merely be an easy way for me to manage updates to investors, and a program that would keep me updating them consistently. While I was correct, I did not realize how much AngelSpan would set my company apart from others in the VC ecosystem. I literally get a few compliments each month from my investors who tell me that they have no other portfolio companies who send out updates like LeaseLock does…and how much they appreciate the time I take to keep them informed directly from the CEO office.

I love these quick summaries. The best companies in our portfolio do something like this. I’ll keep thinking of intros on the fundraising front and I’d consider putting in some personal money if that helps at all.

Thanks, Joe…you guys have a great service and, from an advisor’s PoV, the framework Angelspan provides helps better evaluate a company’s progress and aid in our confidence to invest. Thank you!

AngelSpan Saves Time

Prior to using AngelSpan, periodic updates to investors were not only time consuming and disjointed, but also created a lot of anxiety and distraction. Now with AngelSpan, our investors are up to date and happy, we get less one off inquiries and our stress level is much lower!

Having one on one, ad-hoc phone calls with my investors was time-consuming. My AngelSpan investor updates have made those calls un-necessary, allowing me to focus on building my business because my investors know I got this.

Before finding out about Angelspan I wasted valuable time worrying about my investor communication. With Angelspan I get my updates out on a monthly schedule and I no longer have to worry about the editing or what to include.

Excellent choice John (Cinemeet, CEO) - I find that AngelSpan really helps me get update messages out to all of our stakeholders in a timely basis, and it significantly reduces the amount of time (and brain damage) involved in collecting, organizing, drafting and final edits to send. Welcome to the club!

AngelSpan Makes Me a Better CEO

Transitioning from a company with multiple retail locations and $millions in revenue to a scaling product-driven consumer product company, the CEO of Blenders and Bowls offers: “AngelSpan is awesome! They have been clutch for my raise and investor relations. I know using AngelSpan while launching my company has made me a better CEO.

AngelSpan has been amazing to work with. As a founder, it's impossible to find time to do everything. Having AngleSpan's expertise on investor communications takes a huge burden off of my plate and gives me some more time to focus on growing our business.

Angelspan is a must-have service for the entrepreneur. It provides a straightforward way to keep your investors, stakeholders, and potential investors informed. I recommend every start up I support to look at Angelspan as a support to their growth and operations.

AngelSpan’s Service Makes the Difference

The people at AngelSpan have been an amazing extension of my team, allowing me to organize crucial updates and communicate them in a timely manner. Not only do they do the heavy lifting, they hold me accountable which is so helpful as a super busy entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs typically excel in one or two areas, like product, technology, team or sales, but lag in others. AngelSpan amplifies our strengths yet encourages us to be a more well-rounded company so we're better positioned for balanced growth.

AngelSpan has allowed us to execute professional investor relations and has connected us with important contacts. They make it easy to share our story with the people who care the most. Our investors and other stakeholders will often mention the updates they've read through AngelSpan

AngelSpan feels like an extension of my team! They ensure that investor relations is top-of-mind while making it easy for me to communicate with my stakeholders on a regular basis.

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