As a former securities analyst/portfolio manager for 20+ yrs (delivering 1st Quadrant returns 15 of those 20 yrs, with the #1 relative and absolute returns in the Large Cap Core style box between ’96 and ’09 (think great risk mgmt with 300 to 400 bps above S&P during run ups), I’ve been working on this problem for 20 yrs. following my early angel investing in the mid-’90s (my ‘old money’ multi-family office was at 3000 Sand Hill Rd in the early ’90s. The Band of Angels was founded in my office).

We’ve now built the platform (we license for FREE to those that don’t want to re-create the wheel) to allow for a ‘MoneyBall’ approach to the venture asset class, with standardized, objective, longitudinal operating performance on the individual portfolio companies (structured/scored against the Bell Mason Diagnostic) from the seed stage on, allowing for an optimization of capital deployment across the Seed, A and B rounds a la Multi-armed Bandit game theoretical strategies.

See my 4 white papers published in Institutional Investors’ Journal of Private Equity –

Also see Medium posts –

* It’s Time To Professionalize the Venture Model –

* Or a research library of work published by me and others –

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